Dylan Gibson


Game design

Bay School High School Dating Simulator

This is a visual novel style dating simulator set at a fictional version of my school that I've been working on for fun for about half a year. It's a fully-functioning despite being on Google Slides, and has been a semi-collaborative project. My friend Lucy Litter is responsible for the sprites (drawings) of all the characters shown below, and my friend Henry Walen is currently helping me try to create a website for the game to played on for free. Various peers and my school's digital art club test the game.

Bay School High School Dating Simulator is a parody of visual novel dating simulator games.


This game features more than six functional mini-games for the players to try to beat.

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Every choice made in the game affects the plot majorly, as there are ten possible endings!

Befriend or Romance 7+ Characters

From members of the Bay School's student body, to fictional pop culture icons, the player can interact with whatever characters they choose.

Make Tough Decisions

Every choice you make completely changes what ending you'll get.

Play Games to Unlock New Features

Every mini game is entirely unique, and some contain special endings that unlock new game paths!

Sample Gameplay

These are some short clips of what gameplay in Bay School High School Dating Simulator looks like!

This is the loading screen at the beginning of Bay School High School Dating simulator.

This is the first mini-game. It's based off of early 2000s cooking games for kids.

This is a clip showing what a player sees after winning the challenge of beating death.