Dylan Gibson


Art portfolio

Paintings, Drawings, and Animations

This is a page of my visual art, ranging from digital to traditional mediums (and also a pumpkin).

Human-Adjacent (2022)

Acrylic paint on wooden panels

This was a series I painted for my art class this semester. While creating this series, I knew I wanted it to some extent involve animals and loneliness, because I like nature quite a lot, and I’ve always been a bit lonely. When I was younger, I would often wonder if the reason I was sometimes treated as different from my other peers was because they didn’t think I was being a person correctly, and so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was supposed to be like. I intentionally tried to make my subjects and backgrounds slightly creepy or odd, somewhat familiar but also alien. Though at first glance they may appear uncanny or wrong, none of the paintings’ subjects are malicious, just simply confused as they try to become something that they don’t know if they want to be.

Foggy Morning (2021)

Digital Art

This is an atmospheric landscape I painted using my iPad last winter inspired by sights I saw while visiting the Pacific Northwest. The figure in the foreground is a lonely one, and the cat's expression could either be perceived as one of fear or of bliss.

Triassic Forever (2022)

Acrylic paint and modeling paste on canvas

This painting was a part of my Love and Death series, and was inspired by a fossil. The fossil is nicknamed "Triassic Cuddle" because the two animals found in it are seemingly intertwined, which is bizarre, given these two creatures would have been predator and prey. Evidence shows that they stayed together as the world crumbled around them, together even in the end, when logically they should have destroyed one another to survive.

September 25th (2022)

Digital Art

This was an experimental piece where I played around with using more sharp and clean shapes for my art. It's also part of a collection of fall-themed landscapes I drew this October.

The Night Holds Her Close (2021)

Acrylic on Gesso Paper

This painting is about five feet tall and three feet wide, and is the largest picture I've made. It started from a prompt I was given in my art class (create a figure in architectural space), and so I chose to draw a girl in a convenience store. She's followed by wolves, and it's unclear whether they're welcome presences or not, or whether she is even aware of them at all. The piece is somewhat inspired by my own feelings of isolation from the year prior during sophomore year, where I would take long walks at night as I heard coyotes howl in the hills by my house.

Litany (2021)

Digital Art

I made this comic after first reading "Litany In Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" by Richard Siken. The poem really spoke to characters in a story I was writing at the time, and so I illustrated this.

Room, Room (2022)

Acrylic paint on wooden panels

These two paintings were also a part of my series on Love and Death, falling into the category of memory. I painted the one on the left first, then did my best to recreate it on the right panel. I made a rubber stamp of ghosts and pressed it to the right picture.

October Sunset (2022)

Digital Art

This, like "September 25th," is a part of my October landscapes series. I wanted to play with using a limited color palette based off of a photo I found on Pinterest, and so I only worked with those said colors.

Pumpkin (2022)

Gouache and acrylic paint on pumpkin

This is a pumpkin I painted on the first day of fall. Each image is inspired by old-fashioned fall imagery, as well as my favorite show: "Over the Garden Wall."

Sketches and Figure Drawings

These are pages from my sketchbook and figure drawings I'm proud of.
Ocracoke (Sketchbook pages, 2022) Figures 10/3 (2022) Figures 9/8 July (Sketchbook pages, 2022)


This is an animatic I created for the introduction to my animated series, Camp Greenwood, which is about shapeshifting queer teens in the 1980s.

Animation: "Flora of the Solstice"

This is a short animated film I made for the Walt Disney Family Museum's Spirit of the Season exhibition. It portrays several plants important to traditionally European Pagan Winter Solstice celebrations.